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Jane Jones Bradley has been a practicing Teacher of Pilates since 1999.  Her fitness journey began after the birth of her second daughter in 1992.  Weighing in at over 200lbs, Jane knew she had to make some significant changes to lead a healthy and happy life.  She ventured into a local gym in Ridgefield with her baby girl in a car seat and became a daily fixture in step/aerobic and strength training classes, losing 70lbs in 8 months.  The music, the movements, the power of feeling fit and strong and the gym community all inspired her to continue her everyday fitness commitment while carrying her third daughter, born in 1993.  Soon after, the gym offered a course for those interested in becoming a Fitness Instructor.  That was the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of fitness based movement across the spectrum.  Spinning, Yoga,  Step & Aerobic Classes, Strength/Weight Room Training, and ultimately Pilates were all part of Jane's teaching repertoire.  In 1999, Jane purchased the gym and reconfigured it into a haven for women.  Everywoman's Spirit - A Center for Yoga, Fitness & Pilates was born.  In 2007, Jane opened Everybody Pilates in North Salem, NY and operated both businesses for the next two years.  Of all the fitness modalities, Pilates became her undying passion.  In 2009, Jane opened The Pilates Greenhouse, wanting to focus solely on the benefits and healing properties of The Pilates Method.  Jane then chose to become a Pilates Certificate Instructor in 2011 so that she could share her knowledge and teaching skills with others interested in becoming desirable Pilates Instructors.  In 2019, Jane began her certification process to become an Integrative Positional Therapist to help people to relieve chronic pain issues with her help and on their own in conjunction with the Pilates Method.  Her passion for continuing education, healing and helping people from all walks of life has been her heart's desire and focus for several decades.  Her vast experience, knowledge, energy, compassion for others and teaching talents have made her a sought after instructor with a stellar reputation in our surrounding communities. 

Jane Jones Bradley

The Pilates Greenhouse, Owner


Certifications & Professional Training:


Owner, The Pilates Greenhouse, LLC, Ridgefield, CT from 2009 - Present

Integrative Positional Therapy (IPT) Levels I & II with Founder, Lee Albert - 2019

Pilates Academy International (aka Pilates on 5th, NYC) Certificate Instructor, 2011

Owner, Everybody Pilates Inc. North Salem from 2007 to 2010

Owner, Everywoman’s Spirit. A Center for Yoga, Fitness & Pilates from 1999-2009

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certificate & Member, 2007

The Pilates Center of Boulder, All Apparatus Intensive, 2006

The Intelligent Body, Cadillac, Chair & Barrell, 2005

Kripalu Yoga Therapy, 2004

Essential, Intermediate & Advanced Reformer, STOTT, 2002

YogaFit, 1999

Madd Dog Spinning, 1999

Mat Pilates, Physical MInd, 1999

AFAA Weight Room, 1995

AFAA Group Fitness Instruction, 1994

Thousands of hours training various demographics with a wide range of fitness criteria

Pilates, Fitness & Yoga expertise to address individual needs for a diversity of clients

Integrative Positional Therapy (IPT) practitioner for chronic pain relief. Call for more information.

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Alison has always loved movement, but she never found comfort in a gym.

Determined to find an exercise method that would help her body feel and perform better, she decided to give pilates a try - and has never looked back!

As her practice progressed, she found she was interested in understanding the intention behind the movements and how they were helping her body feel stronger, her limbs feel longer, and her spine feel taller.

Inspired by the women and men at The Pilates Greenhouse, whose stamina, strength and coordination regularly humbled her, Alison realized pilates would be available to her despite age, injury, or restrictions, and she wanted to learn more to maximize the method's impact.

She initially enrolled in an instructor training program to deepen her knowledge and improve her personal practice.  To her surprise, after she got over her initial jitters, Alison loved conducting practice teaching sessions to introduce her friends to pilates.  Watching clients grow stronger, and become more confident and comfortable in their movements, brings Alison great joy.  Hearing from her clients about how they have incorporated pilates principles into activities or movements outside the studio fills her with pride.

Alison has earned her Certificate of Pilates Instruction designation in All Populations Mat 1 & 2, All Populations Reformer 1, All Populations Cadillac 1, and All Population Barrels 1, from Pilates Academy International.

Alison moved to Ridgefield in 2005 with her husband and two young sons.  A few years later, she left her corporate job in NY to spend more with with her young family.  Since then, she welcomed her first family dog, learned to be a hockey mom, ,led the Ridgefield Arts Council for several years, helped to establish the Ridgefield 9/11 Memorial, and has been involved in a number of volunteer efforts in support of her sons' schools.  She currently serves as Chair of the Ridgefield Library Board of Directors and the Chapter Coordinator of the Ridgefield Brighter Together Chapter.  She is a perpetual student who loves to lose herself in a great read, keep up with her boys on the ski slopes, float in the ocean, and play on the Reformer.

She looks forward to introducing you to this movement method, or welcoming you back to a pilates studio.

Alison Greeley,

Pilates Instructor

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