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Pilates ~ Pure & Simple

Our name represents layers of growth, change and evolution. Coming back to natural movement with awareness and intention for balance is powerful. At The Pilates Greenhouse, you are taught techniques and movements that capture the essence of Pilates, and consequently

impact how you move, sit, stand, rest and feel. 


Live well in your own skin with a personalized Pilates practice tailored specifically to your needs. We will help you to shed your physical limitations so that you can transform yourself and experience the best shape of your life. And the greatest part is, it's fun. 

In addition to working with the general population, we have extensive experience working with people in chronic pain, physical therapy and those who have the general need for rehabilitative movement. 


At The Pilates Greenhouse, we have the 'eye', the compassion, the patience, the experience and the comprehension to shape our services to meet your goals in our intimate and dedicated space.  Allow us the honor and opportunity to help you realize the healthy body you need and want in order to live a balanced and joyful life. 

The Pilates Greenhouse offers Private, Duet, Group Lessons and 30 minute Privates in a fully-equipped state-of-the-art studio.


Our studio is currently open by appointment only. Call today.

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86 Danbury Road

Conveniently located in Downtown Ridgefield, CT

**Certified by the state of CT as COVID safe, we take every precaution to
keep you safe and healthy throughout your in person practice.**.  We can provide private, one-on-one instruction without others in our small, dedicated studio
upon request.

Balance   Strength

with a personal touch.

total body conditioning




The Pilates Greenhouse

86 Danbury Road

Ridgefield, CT 06877



Phone: 203.313.9221



By Appointment Only.

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